Our procurement basic policies

We comply with ethics, laws and rules according to our compliance and management principles. Our efforts aim for fair and impartial procurements through development of mutual-beneficial relationships with our partners. Our partnerships with suppliers shall be made upon fair and equitable assessments and decisions with following matters.

We can make metal molds to your specifications, and the finished product is installed by our team of expert finishers. Whatever your needs, large-sized press metal mold making or press manufacturing, we deliver in the shortest time and offer the best price.

We need our partners to supply products that meet the quality standard that was established based on our quality control systems. It is essential for our partners to understand our quality policies and take part in activities for enhanced quality with us.
Supplier's product prices highly influence on cost competitiveness of our products. We emphasize the importance that every single unit that our partners supply must be competitive.
Our products are produced in the job-order production system and we provide update reports to our customers throughout the system until product delivery. We expect our partners to keep their delivery dates as well and to achieve shorter delivery times to support our operations.

Procurement items

Major business item Press metal molding parts
Wear plates, pierce punches, urethane springs, cam units, guide posts for press metal molding sets, press metal molding guides, positioning components, hangers, press metal molding storage units, Gas springs, Air cylinders, Steel products, Casting products, Urethane products, Welding rods, General tools, etc.
Manufacturing order Press metal mold works, Machining works (small scale and large scale), Inspection/measurement tool machining works, Laser processing, Heat treatment